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Customize Your Own Pack of Canvas Panels for Your Next DIY Paint Party!



  • 11 x 14 (Pack of 1)

Item Description:

  • Canvas Panel
    • White
    • Archival and acid free
    • Cotton
    • For use with acrylic, oil paints, or water paints
  • Paint Brushes
    • 3 Flat Brushes (Large, Medium, & Small)
    • 1 Detail Brush
    • 1 Angular Brush
    • 1 Filbert Brush
  • Apron
    • 1 Plastic 
  • Paint 
    • 5 Individual Color Pales
    • Tempera Paint 
  • Color Chart
    • 1 LColor Mixing Chart

Customization:*All Artwork is Hand-Drawn and Personalized to be deemed Original Artwork provided by JACCK Foundation for the Arts



  • Pictures submitted will and must be altered in some fashion to avoid copywrite infringement policies
    • Example: Superman's "S" may be designed as a "K" to symbolize someones' name; not to depict the DC Charater exactly to avoid copywrite infringement.
  • Verbal Description request will prompt an email consultation with Artist on Duty
    • Art Work is subject to 3 Edits Only
    • If needed a phone consultation may be scheduled
  • Communication + Proof of Desired image will be provided via email address:
  • Imagaes must be approved via email BEFORE printing + shipping/or store pickup will be permitted


      Customized Paint Kit (11x14)

      Excluding Sales Tax |
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